Kenny Kore – The book about imperfect Men

The Bible is a book about imperfect men made perfect
by their faith in a PERFECT GOD.
That takes process and time.
I’m so glad the Bible records the phases and processes
of David’s life. He was undeniably a man full of sins,
but David never glorified sin.
David’s heart is as contrite as they come.
And rather than his story making us feel we can be
irresponsible and sinful and still be children of GOD if
we sing praises to HIM, it should make us feel that GOD
would never close the door on us no matter how bad
we’ve fallen, if we choose to repent and return to HIM.
David truly had a contrite heart towards GOD, and GOD
loved him for it. Was David punished for his sins, YES
he was.
People say praise gets God’s attention much more than
That’s a lie from Hell. I hate it when people treat GOD
like HE is an automated machine.
You want to get GOD’s attention?, live a consecrated
life-Job didn’t sing a song, he just won’t deny GOD no
matter how bad things go for him.
Jesus prayed to GOD
He didn’t praise to GOD
Praising GOD should be part of our daily prayers, that’s
why Jesus prayed saying, “Our FATHER who is in
Heaven, Hallowed is YOUR NAME…”
There’s no point isolating praise and conflicting it with
I have experienced the move of GOD while singing
several times in my own life, yet I maintain that we
can’t substitute prayer with praise. I won’t teach my
experiences over the Bible. The harm it does far
outweighs the good.
GOD inhabits the praises of HIS people-the
consecration of HIS people
I believe that when we PRAY according to the Will of
GOD, like Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, that is
The Bible says, watch and pray, not watch and sing.
Yes, Judah means praise, but praise is more than a
melody or harmony, it is a life consecrated to GOD


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